free international shipping on all orders!
free international shipping on all orders!

About Us

Cat Pawlor is your one stop shop for easy access to provide and care for your cats with the best, most popular, cute, trendy accessories and supplies at an efficient cost.  We also offer items for you the 'cat-parent' who adores and loves cats just as much as your cat adores and loves you. 

For now, we only offer our goods and services to the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.  Some items may or may not always be available for delivery at these locations.  If you are interested in an item and it is not available in your country, contact us and we will see how best we can assist you.  

For any questions you can email us at

At Cat Pawlor we aim to provide the best in quality and cost which makes up for the wait for our goods to arrive at your doorstep due to the location of our warehouse.  Please allow at least 2-4 weeks for delivery of our items. 

I do hope you have a wonderful experience with us and feel free to join our newsletter by entering your email on our homepage for the latest news and promotions Cat Pawlor has to offer.