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Anti-Flea Electric Pet Comb

Anti-Flea Electric Pet Comb

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Is your cat constantly scratching or licking it's fur?  Have you tried all the best flea brands out there but still see your cat scratching?

Flea Doctor Anti-Flea Electric Pet Comb is the answer for you.

🛠 With it's ergonomically design, it is safe to use on your pet and easy for you to use.  

✔️ It protects and leaves your cat well groomed, by removing any loose, excess hair.  

✔️ Immediate Results!  With it's light charge, fleas are stunned and released right before your eyes! Dispose of fleas in the trash.

✔️ Chemical Free: It's simple feature is gentle and effective and most of all, safe for your pets!  It eliminates fleas without the use of any harmful chemicals or special shampoos. 

🐾 Material: plastic
🐾 Product size: 26*17.5*5 cm
🐾Product weight: 125 g
🐾Packing Size: 67*52*54 cm

Product Content:
🐾1 x Flea Doctor Electric Flea Comb

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